Keeping your conservatory warm in winter

Underfloor heating systems work on the same basic principle, whether electric or water based. When you use underfloor heating it acts similar to ultra-low level radiators and are very efficient.

Under-floor Heating & Insulation for OrangeriesUsing a combination of conduction and radiation, heat is spread more evenly throughout a room, ending cold spots

Standard radiators use convection to heat air, a lot of which is only generated from waist level and usually collects in the upper reaches of the room, slowly working its way back down as it cools to form small draughts or cold spots. Because the heat from underfloor systems originates at foot level and is across the full floor area it is much more efficient, and it’s less expensive to operate (sometimes by more than 20%) than traditional convection wall mounted radiators.

Differences between electric systems and those using water (or wet systems) are significant. New floors can be better suited to wet systems as the added pipework and system dimension profile needed to accommodate it could be accounted for at the time of construction. For existing floors, as the cable profile is within 3mm to 5mm, an electric or dry system is the preferred option and for refurbishment projects with wooden / laminate floors, dry systems are ideal.

Whichever system you are looking at, it’s not only the “up front” installation costs that are important, the future running and maintenance costs for orangeries should be considered.

Consideration for insulation of the floor prior to installing underfloor heating should always be given. With concrete & screed floors it is always advisable to insulate in order to raise the efficiency of the new underfloor heating.

Good quality insulation will ensure your floor achieves optimum operating temperatures more effectively and in less time. Imagine the warmth of your tile, wood or laminate floors; no more cold feet or huddling close to the radiator, finally enjoy the full room without draughts and with simple climate control.

No need to fit your home or beautiful conservatory with ugly obtrusive radiators and piping, the ideal solution is underfloor heating; allowing you enjoy the space even during the coldest winter day.

Under-floor Heating & Insulation for Orangeries
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