Types of Sliding UPVC Patio Doors & Costs

Before you look at the headline price for a sliding uPVC Patio door and think “that’s not a bad price”, you should check a few things before you go ahead and order it.

Points to bear in mind about the price you may see online are:

  • is the price fully fitted
  • is the price for supply only
  • does it include all taxes
  • does it include delivery
  • What are the basic specifications of the door set

Looking at the detail of the product being supplied and what the price covers is essential, not only do you need to clarify the points above, you also have to know such things as:

  • what material is the door made from (virgin or recycled uPVC)
  • what WER the door set has
  • patio doors should have toughened glazing
  • is it double or single glazed
  • what colour & surface finish (coloured upvc is costlier)
  • what guarantees are there

And probably a few more points that we have not covered here – if you want to find out the costs of a fully fitted complete set, then get your information about upvc sliding patio door prices from french-patiodoors.co.uk 

UPVC Patio Doors Fully Fitted Prices Guide
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